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Thanks to Karat One I was able to source for my exact requirement. Their service is prompt and efficient. Prices are competitive and the designs are amazing. They are transparent and trustworthy throughout the process.

Ritika Sachdev

Karat one is a beautiful and exquisite jewellery line . Harsh Hemdev who has conceptualised karat one is a bright intelligent young man with an impeccable eye for detail. We have associated with him from the very beginning . He’s got a keen eye for jewellery and design . The quality the designs, the cut the fit everything is perfect. I have been buying from karat one from its inception. It is a beautiful brand and has evolved as time has passed into a brand that can cater to every occasion and special moment. It’s Value for money and beauty.

Gulmohur Tarapore

Karat One has been my go to brand for jewellery ever since it has launched. With the help of their amazing and affordable designs, it is not only the perfect brand for my jewellery shopping but also it is very good for gifting my close family and friends. The heritage of the company really brings the trust and comfort in me. With its exceptional quality along with its perfect price points, they create a variety of designs that creates an amazing shopping experience for all.

Sanjana Gholap

When we speak about pret and modern piece of Jewelry, the brand which comes to my mind if Karat One Jewels . The times when I need a fresh look to my collection and need something which is a Modern daily wear , i definitely go and browse the collection with Karat One Jewels.i have picked up multiple classic yet chic pieces suiting my style . One of the most stylish yet classic jewels helping me to dress up for various functions. I truly love the craftsmanship of the jewelry design and completely trust the purity of the jewels . Without a doubt Karat One is my personal favourite and go to brand for my modern day jewellery

Saili Sethi

I absolutely love Karat One! Their collection of everyday jewelry is not only beautifully crafted but also versatile, making it perfect for daily wear. What sets them apart is their attention to detail and quality, which truly shines through in each piece. The range they offer is not just about personal adornment; it's also about meaningful gifting. I've bought some amazing stuff from them and have been super happy with my purchase. Moreover, I want to commend harsh for his exceptional service. He is knowledgeable, helpful, and genuinely passionate about their products, making the shopping experience super fun If you're in search of high-quality jewelry that suits both daily wear and special occasions, Karat One is a brand that should be on your radar.

Krupa Mehta

Karat One is my go to for modern, fashionable, and affordable jewelry. Their chic and elegant designs never fail to amaze me, with a range of selection from dainty to "extra," whatever I want to be on a given day. They provide op notch service which is so personalized- they feel like family as they get involved in the journey. Their delicate items are of durable quality which is an important as you change and go through jewelry pieces. I think they make great gifts for dear ones with versatile designs and a range of prices

Aashna Gulati

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